Custom made Point of Sale Displays by

About The Display House

The Display House Ltd has been producing high quality bespoke POS Material for the Fashion Industry for over 40 years. We work closely with a roster of supremely talented UK craftsmen to create attention-grabbing, beautiful pieces for our Clients.

Over the years our business has evolved from just a small selection of items to  a completely bespoke service which, depending on client’s specific requirements, can be design, development, construction, sourcing or production logistics. We can provide a complete concept  to delivery service or our clients can “cherry-pick” the services they require. In this way we are an incredibly agile custom build / source/ manufacturing  company.

We also have nurtured over the years, strong and more importantly very reliable relationships with a handful of excellent Far Eastern factories. This allows us to make use of their capabilities for high volume, good quality, low cost production, when and if our clients require.